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Joint problems can be caused by several issues, however, the main causes are Degeneration, Inflammation and Damage due to Injury. Joint pain is also commonly known as Arthritis and are more likely experienced by older generation of people.  Arthritis on the other hand is classified as ( OA) Osteoarthritis and (RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic condition of the joints in which the cartilage cushioning the ends of the bones gradually loses its elasticity and wears away. Without the protective cartilage, the bones begin to rub against each other, causing stiffness, inflammation, and loss of movement. It is a degenerative joint disorder without inflammation and can occur in all ages but most prevalent in overweight elderly adults and larger joints like knee, shoulder and hip. Pain is the main symptom for OA patients and it may also creates a crackling sound while the joint moves.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an auto-immune condition where in all the joints (especially the small) gets inflamed and if not handled properly this can lead to disfiguration of the joints.  This could be a direct hit or fall injury or a continuous strain like injury due to wrong position but rarely due to deficiencies. The main symptoms are stiffness, numbness and slightly painful. These are due to pressure on the underlying nerves and the symptoms subside by rest.

The most common medications prescribed for osteoarthritis are, at best, moderately effective. In addition, side effects of these treatments can be quite significant, and at times life-threatening. Often times, the ultimate treatment for a disabling joint is joint replacement, with the inherent risks and cost that come with surgery.

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Ayurveda and Joint Pain

According to Ayurveda Ama and Vata are the main causes of joint pain. A long term remedy for arthritis and joint pain should include some in-depth ayurvedic treatment to digest Ama and reduce Vata. The digestion should slowly improve from time to time, thus reducing the production of Ama, so that no further Ama is created in the long run. Light exercise should complement the daily Ayurvedic treatment and liberal intake of foods that are rich in vitamin C enhances the effectiveness of arthritis patients and keeping fasting which is also essential to boost the digestion of Ama.

The goal of ayurvedic treatment for joint pain and other joint problems is to get rid of the symptoms like pain, tenderness, swelling, redness, stiffness etc associated with the problem, to enable the person to perform the normal activities and to prevent further complications and recurrence. So the whole focus is on getting the affected person back to his/ her normal routine without any further complications. The ayurvedic approach is individualised. And the treatments differ from condition to condition and how well an individual’s body responds to the same.

Vata-Related Doshas

When the bone tissue does not receive enough nourishment it eventually starts to degenerate. This type of joint problem weakens a person’s circulation, metabolism, and ability to absorb food and as a result the bone tissue does not revceive enough nourishment and creates a dying effect that governs the lubrication of the joints. So it creates discomfort, cracking sound and diminished the flexibility of the joints. 

To reduce Vata Related joint problme ayurveda also prescribes to favor the sweet, sour, and salty tastes, as these help pacify Vata dosha, and eat less of the bitter, astringent and pungent foods. Aava Ayurveda helps to correct the problem by eliminating the problem at its source through authentic ayurvedic treatment and medicines.

Ama-Related Doshas

Ama related joint problems occurs due to digestive toxins in the joints and if nothing is done to dissolve the ama eventually it converts to amavisha, an even more toxic form of ama that is more irritating and reactive in nature. Amavisha causes the joint to become inflamed, swollen, and painful. Eventually the structure of the joints and the bone itself becomes damaged. Once these morphological changes happen to the joint and bone, it becomes extremely difficult to correct.

To reduce this problem Ama diet should be warm, light and dry. Nourishing soups and warm, freshly-cooked grains and vegetables to stimulate digestion. Aava Ayurveda helps patients to correct this problem thorough the effective ayurvedic treatments and medicines.

Symptoms Of Joint Problems

  • Pain – Pain may be at the joint or in parts of the body associated with the joint.
  • Swelling – Swelling is often a sign of inflammation.
  • Weakness – Weakness of the part of the body associated with the joint is often seen.
  • Inability to move the part – When a tendon or muscle is affected, the person is not able to move the affected part. Movement may also be restricted by pain.
  • Stiffness – Stiffness is caused by the body to prevent excessive movement in order to protect the damaged part.
  • Limited range of movement – when a muscle or tendon is affected, it is not possible to move the joint through the full range that is normally possible.
  • Tenderness – Tenderness is pain on touching the part and is a sign of inflammation.

Dietary & Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Early Morning Daily Meditation
  • Keep yourserlf stress free
  • Drink a glass of hot milk every day mixed with 1 tsp of turmeric powder
  • Massaging regularly also helps. It improves the circulation, provides warmth and reduces stiffness.
  • Consume only freshly cooked and organic food only.
  • Keep your bitter, pungent and astringent tastes limited.
  • Celery seeds and bitter gourd are also highly beneficial.
  • Nourish your bones and joints with healing herbs like liquorice, ginger, cayenne, nettles, flaxseed, turmeric and burdock root etc
  • Avoid tea, coffee and acidic foods.
  • Cumin, fennel, black pepper and mint are highly beneficial in eliminating toxins
  • Abhyanga is also recommended to prevent such pains.
  • Use Cow Ghee in cooking
  • Have calcium rich diets and green leafy vegetables.
  • Exercise Reguarly, Pranayama helps balance all the vata-pitta-kapha doshas in the body.
  • Practice yoga to improve overeal healing of body

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