About us


Sachin Garg started Aava Ayurveda Private Limited company because The number of drug addicts and alcohol abusers in India is very high and there is no permanent simple and natural way to solve this problem in the healthcare sector That’s why after extensive research with the help of Ayurvedic doctors and health technicians, we have developed an Ayurvedic medicine for addicts that is made up of 99% natural ingredients. Along the way, We started getting blessings from people who started giving up alcohol and drugs, which inspired us to help more people. We want to reach every person who wants to give up or get rid of drugs and alcohol.



Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you or your family member come out of the world of drugs, bring happiness to your home and we are succeeding in this mission step by step every day

(MD) Sachin Garg

Founder & CEO

Sachin Garg is the Founder of Aava Ayurveda Private Limited. He founded this company to help the people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs with senior Doctors and specialists

Dr. Sukhdev


Dr. Sukhdev is a well Known Doctor in India. He has the experience of around 26 years in this field. 

Sangeeta Grover


Sangeeta Grover takes care of all the workings in our company. She takes care of all the employee  in our company and plays a role of a Manager

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